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Chicken Pakora


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Aloo Saag Dosa


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Specialities Dishes

Seafood Dish of the Day
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King Prawn Karahi


Chicken Tikka
Chicken marinated in Punjabi spices and barbequed in a tandoori oven with rice, salad and sauce


Chicken Tikka Achari
Barbequed chicken cooked with a mixture of pickles


Chicken Tikka Chasni
A very popular mild, slightly sweet, creamy dish


Chicken Tikka Makhni
A creamy buttery dish with crushed nuts for the delicate palate


Chicken Tikka Masala
Roasted chicken cooked in a rich pepper and masala sauce


Chilli Garlic Chicken
Chicken prepared in garlic herbs and spices


Garlic Pepper Chicken
Chicken marinated with garlic pickle and cooked with roasted peppers served with garlic potatoes


Butter Chicken
Chicken breast cooked with green cardamoms, cloves, cream and almonds


Tikka cooked with roasted mixed onions, peppers and tomatoes


Garlic Lemon Chicken
Chicken prepared in garlic, herbs and preserved lemons


Lamb Pasanda
A smooth yoghurt sauce topped with almond flakes


Patina Ghosht
Tender lamb cooked in a rich sauce with fresh mint served with garlic potatoes


Lamb And Leek
Cooked with spiced leek


Old Classics & Karahi Dishes

Chicken Bhoona
Chicken breast cooked with dry fenugreek and roasted tomatoes


Chicken Patia
Home made mango chutney, tomatoes and pickled lemons give this dish a sweet and sour taste


Keema Peas
Minced lamb with green peas


Lamb Dhansak
Lamb cooked with channa daal


Chicken Korma
Chicken breast cooked with cream. Can also be made with crème fresh or low fat yoghurt.


Chicken Karahi Dopiaza
Made with caramelised onions and slithers of garlic adn kalonji


Chicken Karahi
Chicken cooked in a rich pepper sauce with a touch of yoghurt


Lamb Karahi
Lamb cooked in a rich pepper sauce with a touch of yoghurt


Chicken Saag
Cooked with fresh spinach


Lamb Saag
Cooked with fresh spinach


Lamb Achari
Lamb cooked with a host of mix pickles



Vegetarian Dishes

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Aloo Saag
Potato cooked with fresh spinach
Tradition Daal
Spiced lentils
Vegetable Karahi
Prepared in pepper sauce
Vegetable Massala
Prepared in yoghurt based massala
Mutter Paneer
Fresh peas cooked with Indian cheese
Saag Paneer
Indian cheese cooked with fresh spinach
Bhindi & Aloo Bhaji
Ladyfingers and potatoes
Methi Aloo & Cabbage
Fenugreek spiced potatoes cooked with cabbage
Vegetable Chasni

Sundries and Breads

Pilau Basmati


Plain Basmati


Mushroom Rice


Nan Bread


Garlic Nan


Peshwari Nan








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